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Dear fellow, Stability Seeker,

Dylan here….writing this sales letter from my vacation home 

Hold on….

Because I’m about to reveal an amazing money making opportunity

If you are anything like I was, you’re probably struggling to make ends meet. You might even hate your job, and constantly wish you could finally break FREE!

That’s nothing to be ashamed of.  We’ve all been there and…

“I have totally walked a mile in your moccasins!”

Before I developed BLOGGING TO THE BANK, I was a Nameless Pizza Boy for some HUGE pizza chain – making crap for money and taking abuse from customers.

Until one day, I had ENOUGH! I was SICK of it! I decided that I’d rather be living under a bridge, than having to PAY BACK my hard earned pay just because I was 3 minutes late on my delivery!

That’s why I’m here, and that’s what this letter is about!
Now, here is my promise to you.  If you stick around, I’ll show you how I consistently generate massive amounts of cash….  

“And I’ll show you how I do it with no more than 30 minutes of precious time each day”

Every month, I keep making boats load of money with my secret system, BLOGGING TO THE BANK. A secret system that CONSISTENTLY makes me around $80,000.00 a month, $21,000.00 a week, and up to $4,684.83 in just ONE day…


But it gets even better!  I do all of this while drinking my Starbucks, and playing Angry Birds in my pyjamas!

At this point, I’ll bet you’re asking “Why Me?  Why is Dylan so successful at internet marketing while I, and a lot of others, continue to fail?”

The thing is, I’m not really any smarter than you or the Average Joe.  Like many Americans, I never even went to college.  However, I do have that Steve Jobs quote plastered all over my home office - “Think Different”.  That’s what I DO, I think differently, I perform differently, and therefore I am different than most Internet Marketers out there.


Even though I’m a 27 year old college drop-out, I still figured out that the internet holds An Immense POWER.  A power that can give anyone the ability to find their financial freedom.

Like most of you, I started out surfing the net, reading about all these people making tens of million of dollars.  At the same time, my checking account had a balance of $5.77.  It Was Driving Me CRAZY!!!  How were all the guys I was reading about making all of this money, while I was collecting quarters from behind the sofa, just so I could ride the bus!?!

I remember thinking…

If I could only get a fraction of that money, I would finally be able to move out of my parents basement

So I motivated myself to learn as much as I could about making money online. And of course, like All The Other GURUS, I made my $10 million in my first 30 days!  (YEAH RIGHT!) . I’m obviously kidding, but I did find ways to make some money; not big money but little trickles of money.

I’ll bet you’ve had an experience similar to this.  I started making some small chump change.  At first, the excitement of seeing a new $20 in my paypal account was euphoric! I just knew that if I kept at it I could finally make it.

But, Guess What? 6 Months into my internet money-making adventure, I had increased from making only $20 a day, to absolutely CRUSHING IT and making an entire $30 a day. While it’s not exactly the easy road to the Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous, I could now upgrade my combo to Supersize!


Living the Dream You Say?  Not hardly.  At least, Not Yet!

I had started to become Incredibly FRUSTRATED! Why Wasn’t This Working?

  • I read all the books;
  • I bought all the software;
  • I networked with gurus that I was buying programs from;

Until I finally had my “AHA” moment!  I was reading my dad’s newspaper, drinking my mom’s awful coffee.  In the business section, I saw that the Huffington Post had sold for something like $300 Million!!

And THAT is when it Finally clicked for me

“Great Content Created An Avalanche Of Loyal, Money Spending Customers”

I know what you’re saying “Yeah Right, Give Me a Break Dylan! You can’t make money with Blogs”

Oh really?…. Hmmm, maybe you’ve heard about this little site called Tumblr selling for ONE BILLION dollars?

Tell that HIGH SCHOOL drop out that blogs suck!


Despite all the hype out there…

Blogging Remains The Most Stable And Most Successful Revenue Stream Out There.

Don’t Get Me Wrong…I was skeptic. Blogs had been around for a while already, so was this medium saturated?   As it turns out, NO!

What I quickly figured out was that most people were NOT Blogging right. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is when my mind went into overdrive!

My synapses were just flooded to overflowing with hundreds of new and exciting ideas!

I then devised a system that was so simple, so basic, and so cheap that it allowed me to go from $30 a day, to $100 a day, in practically No Time!

Still no fancy car but that’s $36,000 a year!  Not bad for working in my pajamas!

I could finally get my own apartment and be independent.  Once I was out of my parent’s basement, I perfected my art…

 “I was working smarter, not harder; and I finally found the perfect way to exploit the blog ecosystem”

That, my friends, is when it REALLY exploded! I had Finally Gotten It Right!! Soon I was generating over $1,000 a day! I couldn’t quite believe it

I mean, was this really happening? To Me?

Or did Paypal maybe screw things up? Could they be sending me money from someone else’s account?  NO!  It was Completely Real.

I could finally afford the lifestyle I always envisioned for myself!

Over the past couple of years I’ve managed to make well over $1 Million from my blogging exploits.

Enough to go on every vacation I could dream of.  Enough to see the Seven Wonders of the World and every Mayan Ruin that piqued my curiosity.

As I said, the Internet holds the power to give you your financial freedom….

But it’s up to you to harness it….

“Blogging Is The Greatest Vehicle To Make A Stable Stream Of Cash And I Want To Show You How I Did It”






The System where I’ll teach everything you need to know about making money online”



The Secret System That The Gurus Don’t Want You To Know About!


The money that the gurus make is dependent on you never finding out what they do! True Story….

You can only access their info if you are ready to dish out crazy amounts of money for their “1 on 1 coaching”

Do you know how much these guys charge for a coaching session? Anywhere from $5000 to $15000!

I know most of you can”t spend anything remotely close to that, so that’s why I built this program


“I’ll blow the safe Wide OPEN.  I’ll show you behind the curtain, for you first peek at the Underground World of Blogging For CASH!”

The process is extremely simple…

There is NO Learning Curve!

Just follow my simple step-by-step blueprints…as I hold your hand all they way to the Income You Deserve!

In only a few shorts sessions, I’ll show you everything you need to know to go BLOGGING TO THE BANK!

Here’s just a glimpse of what you’ll see:

How To Turn Your Simple Blog Into A Money Making Powerhouse
How To Start Making Money Just A Few Short Hours After You Go Live…
How To Go From Zero To Thousands Of Visitors In A Matter Of Hours!
How To Create A Blog That Dominates Your Niche
How To Get The Biggest Bloggers In Your Niche To Tell Their Visitors All About You!
How to find the exact FREE plugins that will shortcut your success from day one


Now For The $64,000 Question…

“How Much Money Can I Make Dylan?”

Well I get asked this question all the time and my answer is pretty much the same. You can make a sh*t load of cash if you wanted to.

Enough to buy that sports car you’ve always dreamed about and enough to be the coolest guy at the club….

Enough to pay for rent without having to borrow money from your dad…

Enough to buy your daughter a pretty summer dress…

Enough to take the wife on a real honeymoon…

Enough to pay off those credit card debts…

Enough to ease your worries…

I have students emailing me every week and showing me their results and I’m always amazed on how well they do.

Here is a student of mine, who’s only started 30 days ago, making some decent bank just by following my proven system.

If he can do it, there’s absolutely no reason why you can’t either.


“You Are Finally On Your Way To Financial Freedom!”

After all this time, you can finally quit your job, and still provide for your family better than you ever did with a job!

Financial Freedom means that you can go on vacation whenever you want.

Financial Freedom means that you can get your kids whatever they want.

Financial Freedom means living in the house that You Want!

Driving the car that You Want!  Living The Life That You Have ALWAYS WANTED!!

And it’s right here for you.  Right here, right now!

Blogging To The Bank


“Still Wondering If You Should Give It A Shot?”


Don’t worry.

I’m here to solve that age old problem that perplexes 99% of the planet…Money

I know how you must feel right now…

I remember the fear of being ripped off.

But I’ve got you covered.


That’s why I’m going to put my money where my mouth is and offer you…

My Iron Clad, Simple, Straight Forward Dylan Young 100% Money Back Guarantee!

You Have Absolutely Nothing To Lose…Except For Opportunity!


 ”Fortune Favours The Bold”

This must be one of my favorite proverbs out there

It’s this Greek proverb that basically says that Fortuna, the Goddess of luck, is more likely to help those who take risks or action than those who sit on their @ss! (ok I added the sit on their @ss part)

So this is Crunch time, the proverbial fork in the road…

The Question is…What are you going to do?

Are you going to take life by the balls or go back to your same boring life (no offense!)

Here’s my advice…

Don’t wait, because believe it or not, I do limit the amount of memberships I give away.

I can’t take the chance on teaching too many people how to do what I do.  If I do, it’s going to cut into my profits.

Don’t you think it would be stupid for me to eat into my own profits?  Of course it would.

So, I can only help a few hundred people.  After that, I take this page down, the BLOGGING TO THE BANK opportunity is Gone Forever!

And, here’s the kicker….

“I’m going to provide you with everything you need”

Everything you need to carve a place out for yourself.  Where you can support your family in the style that you had always dreamed of.

All for less than half a tank of gas per month.

Each month, you’ll pay less than what it costs to go to the movies and have popcorn and drinks (and not 3D or Imax!)

When I did private consulting, my clients paid me $500 an hour to learn these secrets. And my clients often paid me over a span of 12 weeks. So you can do the Math. But here’s what’s important to you: You won’t pay $1,000, $500, $197, or even $97 to own Blogging To The Bank

You get the BLOGGING TO THE BANK blogging platform, For a DISCOUNTED price of only $29.99 Per Month! That’s it!

And most importantly, all the Power you need t be earning the kind of money you’ve always wanted!



Blogging To The Bank

I Hope you have enjoyed reading this letter as much as I’ve enjoyed writing it for you.

This is Dylan, and I’m looking forward to seeing you on the other side.

To your success,




Please don’t put this off, every minute that passes drastically increases the chance of your slot being taken by another individual. Because once the limited number of positions are filled, it’s over and you’ve missed out. Period



Remember… this isn’t about the same old ‘techniques’ or ‘instructions’ you’ve read about so many times before… you’ve just seen me PROVE how profitable this system is. How much money me and my students have generated. Don’t be left out because in the end, you will just regret it.

Hit the “add to cart” button.



Blogging To The Bank